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Turning a Dream into a Vision and a Vision to Reality – The Mahogany Legacy Collection

The phrase "turning a dream into a vision and a vision to reality" was first published in the Four Fits of Holistic Growth book in 2016. I remember how excited I was to write and publish my first book, attend book fairs, and provide workshops on my material. The book's impact helped others deal with adversity, relationships, personal development, growth, and self-realization. I shared my journey, which provided a connection to the readers. Despite the book's success in terms of sales and additional opportunities, I felt there was more to do.

Losing my father was rough in 2017. Yet, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him. Our conversations and shared experiences helped provide the template for the second book, The Four Fits of Dynamic Leadership, because he sacrificed so much for his country, his family, and countless friends and strangers he befriended. He achieved milestones and broke barriers in his career as an African American in the Air Force, Corporate America, and the private sector. His words about what I would do led me to envision the next and most ambitious project, The Mahogany Legacy Project (MLP), the title of the third book released in 2021.

The MLP was written to address Black socioeconomic challenges in healthcare, entrepreneurship, education, technology, employment, financial literacy, social advocacy, and racial-wealth disparity gaps. It was from two years of extensive research that articulates a response to the question, "If the Civil Rights leaders were alive today, what would their fight resemble." Despite the narratives of different perspectives, the MLP provides sobering realities of numerous disparities and 65+ recommendations to create progressive and holistic change.

Writing books and conducting workshops were not enough. It was important to take elements of the MLP and provide them in various areas where Black culture is often celebrated to provide a positive message of hope, change, and an opportunity to build legacies in communities that continue to face adversity. Rather than provide a book that would be read or received by a small percentage of people, it was necessary to celebrate the MLP through imagery, art, words, and most of all, action.

Thus, today the Mahogany Legacy Collection is officially released. From clothing and apparel, online educational content, podcasts, books, videos, and other works, the MLP will thrive through numerous platforms and with your support. Is it ambitious and dreamy? Absolutely and without a doubt. Why? Because I feel that each of us has a responsibility and a moral obligation to give back to others. We were born to lead and inspire others who look at us as we continue to do what we do from our regular jobs as business leaders, managers, workers, husbands, wives, friends, partners, and elders. It is where generational wealth must come from and how it must be sustained.

Thank you to each of you who has supported me from day one. It is from the countless hours of debate, disagreements, comfort, consoling, supporting, and encouraging which has led to something I believe is to the benefit of others. Please follow me on my social media platforms, and bookmarking the websites to stay informed on new content, clothing, and apparel, education, videos, podcasts, and workshops as the Mahogany Legacy Collection will be synonymous with Black excellence.

Dr. T


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