The Four Fits of Holistic Growth

In 2016, Dr. Duncan published his first book, The Four Fits of Holistic Growth. The Four Fits incorporates 16 axioms, or foundations, to achieve a holistic frame of mind. Worksheets enhance the material provided with each axiom to give a deeper relationship and connection between the words read and the actions created with each worksheet.  Even though this book fits well for individuals of all ages, The Four Fits of Holistic Growth helps provide a foundation for readers to define success at a level that best suits them. As readers continue to read the stories and build upon each foundation, the quest for personal growth and development is accomplished.


The Four Fits of Dynamic Leadership

In 2017, The Four Fits of Dynamic Leadership was published incorporating ten axioms, or foundations, to change the narrative of what leadership represents in the 21st century. As the business landscape changing due to turnover rates, decreased overall employee loyalty, and more available options to employees, Dynamic Leadership focuses on how to attain the best effort and efficiency from employees utilizing a combination of emotional intelligence, team-building, interrelationship skills, and understanding how to yield power in an organizational structure effectively.  The book also focuses on personal growth from within as “development as a leader is vital for the success of your organization.”