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Starting Over Means Leaving the Past Behind

For several years, I have provided numerous advice, opinions, and ideas to those in the community, family, and friends to address many concerns ranging anywhere from job-seeking advice, resume services, general tax and financial advice, and assisted up and coming small business owners in navigating through numerous resources to move their project forward. Often, I saw the positive results of those who took my advice and saw them improve their credit score, make financial decisions that benefitted them or their family,

Sometimes, we forget the accomplishments that we accumulate over time. Because of social media and the "look at me now" mentality, we rarely stop to marvel our accomplishments but spend more time in competition against a virtual image or the words of what others may define as success. We often track or become swept in a wave of someone else is doing, but have you ever stopped to wonder, are they thinking the same about you? Are they measuring their progress, lifestyle, and activities compared to yours? More than likely, the answer is no. However, it is easy to fall into such a trap. I admit, at times, I fell victim to the same chasing and not maximizing on whatever gains that occurred.

In my lifetime I was the first African-American in my role at a corporate level at 35, I received my doctorate at 39, and published two books before 41, presented in national and academic conferences, and grew my investments and assets at an accelerated pace. This is the story that many may not know, but it is a story that I believe people can learn and benefit from as those who have held countless one on one conversations with me that have helped others.

After receiving word of a layoff from a corporate director position, I had to take a step back and re-evaluate my situation. Earlier, I stated that I do not foresee myself working a traditional 9-5 again. I earned it, and I will achieve it because of the power of positive thinking and affirmation of my beliefs, not a validation of what others thought about me. I had to admit, despite some of the bravado shown, it was still an adjustment. Despite that declaration, there is no shame in re-entering the work force. Most who make you feel that being on your own is great often struggle financially or work more hours than you but justifies it by saying, “I’m free.” If I felt that I needed to make an adjustment, I can and will do so; however, I often run my head through a brick wall despite the odds. That same stubborness is what fuels me to make this declaration valid, not for anyone else, but myself. I positively affirm that I can accomplish this as the other obstacles laid before me in the past were overcame by my belief in self.

One day, I looked at my first book I wrote three years ago, The Four Fits of Holistic Growth, which set the blueprint for how I reached a high point of my life, and for whatever reason, I shied away from some of those principles and found myself lost in the wave. Starting this week, as I continue to redefine myself, I will be sharing with you blogs from concepts relating to this book to assist others in recognizing their dreams that can be turned into a vision, and that vision being turned into a reality. Even as you begin to follow my blogs, tips, and recommendations, I will still be working on finishing my third book, The Mahogany Legacy Project, along with an upcoming website, blogs, and products relating to providing a conversation of how change in the Black community can occur by focusing on five key areas based on research that helps your children, and your children's children. Building a legacy takes time, but the foundation starts with us. This project means the world to me because it is a chance to really show my voice and leave a blueprint of proposed change and a conversation on the facts to outline a path towards the future.

Please subscribe to my page, for continued updates and announcements as I will re-start this journey I initiated years ago. For those who are interested in individual coaching sessions to help make the change you desired in your life but was unaware of how to get the help or direction needed, I can guarantee results and an action plan in a manner that you understand that helps you build financial, entrepreneurial, or personal goals.

I look forward to sharing these thoughts with you in 2020 and beyond.

Much love,

Dr. Terrence Duncan


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