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What is The Mahogany Legacy Project?

The Mahogany Legacy Project (MLP) was created to influence change within the African-American community by focusing exclusively on five key areas vital to socio-economic change: healthcare, education, employment, social justice, and financial independence/generational wealth. Introduced as the Five Points of Progressive Change, each section examines some of the root causes of existing and potential future socio-economic issues with a series of recommendations that address each identified challenge. The project's concepts were tested through  

The implementation of the MLP involves providing systemic and institutional responses to existing systemic and institutional racism and other related barriers affecting African Americans for many generations. Without steps to enact change, many of the identified indicators will continue to grow slowly or remain stagnant. As a result, Dr. Duncan continues to build collaborations with numerous partners, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and organizations to provide resources and develop content. Dr. Duncan will continue to provide content and resources instrumental to the recommendations outlined in his book and public engagement.

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research, and intends to do more than restate the statistics or the facts. Instead, a conversation of change is interjected by focusing on the identified key areas to help destabilize systemic poverty, wealth inequality, mental and physical challenges, educational challenges, and improve our collective standing to change the negative statistics, stereotypes, and imagery establishing a road map for tomorrow.

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