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Dr. Duncan's Bio

Dr. Terrence D. Duncan holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Walden University and an MBA from Park University. Demonstrating a commitment towards leadership, human resources, project management, and leadership, Dr. Duncan has published in numerous academic journals and international publications and a panelist for several esteemed academic conferences in St. Louis, Atlanta, and Richmond, Virginia. His academic and professional interests include human capital development, strategic leadership, risk management, project management, and diversity programming.

In 2016, Dr. Duncan published The Four Fits of Holistic Growth. The Four Fits of Holistic Growth helps provide a holistic approach to personal and professional development. In 2017, The Four Fits of Dynamic Leadership was published incorporating ten axioms, or foundations, to change the narrative of what leadership represents in the 21st century. As the business landscape continues to change due to turnover rates, decreased overall employee loyalty, and other human resource management concerns, Dynamic Leadership focuses on improving efficiency from employees utilizing a combination of emotional intelligence, team-building, interrelationship skills, and organizational development strategies.  His latest published book, The Mahogany Legacy Project, examines Black socio-economic issues from a historical and analytical perspective identifying systemic and institutional barriers with 60+ recommendations addressing the racial wealth disparity gap, and other key economic indicators. 

With 15 years in the healthcare and risk management industry, Dr. Duncan has reduced claim losses via enterprise risk management and human resources. Dr. Duncan currently teaches MBA/MHA courses and serves as a Subject Matter Expert in Healthcare Economics and a Dissertation Chair for numerous doctoral candidates. In addition, Dr. Duncan currently holds three board of director positions with three non-profit organizations.  He also provides professional and financial mentoring to small Black businesses and households aligned with his vision, The Mahogany Legacy Project, 


In 2016, Dr. Duncan launched J.I. Enterprises, a strategic management consulting company blending academic and professional experiences in providing clients world-class results. Such results are based on trend analysis, recognition of current and future business trends, and innovative solutions based on the client’s unique challenges and needs.

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